Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Mission Christmas Tree

There is a tradition here at Friendship United Methodist Church that I truly love. Early in the month of December, before it really gets hectic, we have what is called Old Fashioned Christmas. This year we had this event on December 4. Basically, it is simply a night of family fun for the whole church and community. This year we had a ton of visitors for which we are so thankful.

Of course we start out with supper, which is usually 10 to 15 crocks of homemade soup, chilies and luscious grilled cheese sandwiches. After supper it's to the sanctuary for a rollicking round of Christmas carols, and usually a special guest. Now you may think that the special guest is Santa. Not so. Every year we have a different Christmas guest. The theme of the Old Fashioned Christmas this year was The Polar Express, and it turned out that a grand old conductor dropped by to tell the story of the first gift of Christmas.

After carols and story time it was back to the kitchen to bake cookies and do crafts. Also this year face painting was provided by yours truly. It was a great night of fun and fellowship, and getting to know some new friends. 

But I think my favorite part of Old Fashioned Christmas is the beautiful Christmas tree that we decorate with scarves, gloves, hats and toboggans, blankets and pajamas. The items from this tree go to our local outreach ministry. This year the tree looked beautiful with the lights, the grand star atop the tree, and best of all, the love for others that glistens from its green boughs. 
In these days when all we seems to hear is nasty rhetoric being slung around about everything under the sun, I am so thankful that there are nights of fun and joy, in a place where I can see Jesus.


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Unknown said...

Sounds like a FUN night! Love the puppy slippers!! Want!!