Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wilderness Journey, Day 17

Sunday – Monday

sun’s warmth baths the floor
the window sill, the settee
for a time and then
a bolt from the blue streaks forth
followed by thunder
a wrecking bent on chaos
to thwart my forward movement

©2012 Judy H. Eurey

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wilderness Journey, Day 16

Day One

primordial soup
the abyss of nothingness
yet unformed, unmade
when God said, let there be light
and there was the light;
by the Word light overcame
the darkness, now we may see

©2012 Judy H. Eurey

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wilderness Journey, Day 15

Sunny Bunny

Hopping out of my den
sunnier than I have been
since snow fell in December
enough clover to eat
which feels good to my feet
yet I need to remember
Spring’s unpredictable
often unmerciful
I stay awake, stay limber

©2012 Judy H. Eurey

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wilderness Journey, Day 14

Grace Light
Through thick fog it burns in
shafts of enlightening
to resurrect a new day
changing misty morning
with grace of restoring
molting light to light the way
no time is created
when gift is not sated
thru blue sky beyond the fray

©2012 Judy H. Eurey

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wilderness Journey, Day13

Rock in My Shoe

It is planted there
where one cannot see it
no plan it has to fit
on one stray nerve

innocently a foot
is dropped into the bed
the yelp as yet unsaid
until hobbled

©2012 Judy H. Eurey

Wilderness Journey, Day 12

Bitter Pie

The fruit they use is bad
sans sugar to sweeten
no cream to lighten
in soggy crust

cutting in what falls out
is mutilated hate
thrust on a world too late
for redemption

©2012 Judy H. Eurey

Friday, March 09, 2012

Wilderness Journey, Day 11

New Family

Summer’s wasps are long gone
fallen to freezing grouse
bequest of tenant house
for bluebird pair

One peeks, then the other
in and out the round hole
gaging if nest will mold
to the inside

©2012 Judy H. Eurey

Wilderness Journey, Day 10


Small suns with ruffled
petals encircling Perianth tubes
and parading pungent scent
of Spring

forced through the darkened winter
earth, they burst with bright
light awash with warmth
the soul’s holdover to the resurrection

©2012 Judy H. Eurey

Monday, March 05, 2012

Wilderness Journey, Day 9

between the notes
lyrics pause in the silence
of another song

five frosty fragments
of words beat the best of beat
icy tick tick tick

jewels sharpen blue
birds’ ribbed wings outstretched just a
jointed jump for food

Wilderness Journey, Day 8

When dogs enter the sheep field
kyrie eleison
six bowls of dented cars and
flowers flattened to the earth
crushed to blackened and broken biers
If God hates me, then I am lost
kyrie eleison
Tall grasses twitch in gusts
popping past
inching them low, lower, lowest.
kyrie eleison
Bodies, did I say bodies?
stiff and cold, gone of breath, beat and
is an unreasonable angle to behold.
kyrie eleison

Friday, March 02, 2012

Wilderness Journey, Day 7

Gen. 3:15
Eden Resumed

In Eden hope took form on two
legs and walked about in the heat
of the day until overtaken
by the enemy.

In Eden death took form on two
legs and walked about in the heat
of the day until overtaken
by the cross.

©2012 Judy H. Eurey