Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wilderness Journey, Day 20


Oh camellia, let me feel ya,
deep in my heart,
pink and soft, so fragile
a harsh touch
will bruise ya
Oh camellia, let me feel ya,
fluid in my hand
plucked from the branch
a withering cause
forces me to lose ya

Oh camellia, let me feel ya,
awash over noise.
To what end have you bloomed?
For cranks & pundits to
abuse ya?

O camellia, let me feel ya,
sing through my mind,
notes of beauty, notes of warning,
notes of pity
to overuse ya.

O camellia, let me feel ya.




©2013 Judy H. Eurey

Friday, February 15, 2013

Wilderness Journey, Day 19

Zennias by my window.
During Lent 2012, I attempted to write a Lenten poem everyday. I failed, succeeding on only 18 occasions with a bloggable (which is questionable) poem. This year I am attempting once again to at least get to my goal of 40. We'll see how I do. 

The beauty of Lent to me is that I have an intentional time of trying to do better, of trying to focus on Jesus instead of me, of trying to look inwardly, of trying to add more spiritual and Godly elements to my that I can be better.

The love and forgiveness of God is always before me during Lent because I fail at doing better so often and so thoroughly. In my failures I realize my true need for my savior. It is in him I live and because of him that I even have a life to try to better with.

The poem with the question...what is your mountain?

That Mountain
How can I miss that mountain,
when before me daily it stands?
How can I slide by unseeing,
looking past its power
its height, its weight, its force, its place?
How can I shield my face?

©2013 Judy H. Eurey

Friday, February 08, 2013

Life and Times

February 17 - March 17

Next Sunday we will have begun the season of Lent. My Lenten Sermon Series this year will tell the story of Jesus and his life. Sermons: The Incarnation, The Posse, The Healer, The Teacher, The Savior.

Looking forward to the study and time of reflection during this season.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Deeper and Bigger

          This week I am completing a sermon series called “Remedies for the Chaotic Life.” I’m not sure how often pastors preach to themselves, but all during my study for this series…I have been convicted by God’s constant soft voice in my ear. My life is much too chaotic most of the time.

Dr. Kirk Jones in his book Rest in the Storm shared this quote from a one disillusioned pastor, “I am supposed to move from sick bed to administrative meeting, to planning, to supervising, to counseling, to praying, to trouble-scheduling, to audio systems, to meditation, to worship preparation, to newsletter, to staff problems, to mission projects, to conflict management, to community leadership, to study, to funerals, to weddings, to preaching. I am supposed to be ‘in charge,’ but not too in charge—administrative executive, sensitive pastor, skillful counselor, public speaker, spiritual guide, politically savvy, and intellectually sophisticated. And I am supposed to be superior, or at least first-rate, in all of them. I am not supposed to be depressed, discouraged, cynical, angry or hurt. I am supposed to be upbeat, positive, strong, willing, and available” (L104-Kindle).

              Now I ask you, does this sound schizophrenic to you? I admit that often I have called my life as a pastor, “schizophrenic” because what this pastor says is the same for me too. If I am not careful I can get swamped with the constant drain of the mental and emotional dodge-ball I play.

One of the remedies I promoted to the congregation this month is for us to rest, relax and remember. I need to time to rest and regroup, both for my body and for my spirit. I need to relax and enjoy those things that restore my joy and life’s vigor, and I need to remember who I am. I am the beloved of God.

As I have read and studied this month, I have come to remember how much I am the apple of God’s eye. God loves me totally, whether I’m able to master all the duties and responsibilities I have. God loves me totally, whether I’m at my best or at my worst. God loves me totally, whether I’m cranky or crazy, whether I’ve done all the things on my to-do list or not, whether I’ve given my all or nothing…God loves me totally.

These sermons have helped me remember to breathe and to smile…um…deeper and bigger.