Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Angels in the Sky

There is something so amazing,
so breath-taking
about Christmas
that it is difficult to distill it into words.

But that is the way it should be.
The day we celebrate the moment
our salvation was born
and given to us.

Before, we were like shepherds
in the fields
going about our meager lives.
Then wow!
Angels in the sky,
a multitude of them singing.

They not only sang, they spoke, they announced
the birth of a king.
When else has a king’s birth been announced
to anyone
in such a manner?


The shepherds were wowed, terrified, and
at that moment, their whole lives changed.
They knew it, and they ran.
They left their livelihood, their sheep, their home.
This thing that had happened imported life.
Nothing else mattered.

The good news! brought to them, and
nothing else mattered.
A king, a savior, the Messiah, the anointed one

God with us, the amazing good news
God—the creator
God—the healer
God—the provider
God—the one who loves us
God—came and nothing is the same anymore!

Table Rock Charge Fellowship and Prayer Meeting

The three came together
to break bread
and pray

Amid the disasters, floods,
famines, dysentery, mental breakdowns,
deployments, plane crashes, churning seas,
goodbyes, flipped SUV’s, depressions, chemo,
empty pockets, and the other cascading terrors
of existence

There was joy
Unbelievable as that sounds
There was joy

Since the three came together
broke bread
and prayed