Monday, June 03, 2013

Celebrating God's Blessings!

            I have been celebrating ever since Saturday because of the great blessings we received at the Pisgah UMC Food Drop Friday and Saturday when we partnered with Christian Ministries of Lincoln County to reach more people with food.
              As a mobile drop site, we received some 13,500 lbs. of food from the 2nd Harvest Food Bank in Charlotte, NC.  All the food nearly filled the entire fellowship hall with bread, crackers, chips, sports drinks, flavored waters, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and other kid-friendly food items. We were able to serve 111 families with approximately 125 lbs. of food per family.

This food brought to us was gleaned from food manufacturers, warehouses, stores, and produce growers and was gathered at 2nd Harvest Food Bank. The food has no cost since it is donated. There is but a $300 transportation cost. I’m happy to report that due to a fund-raiser we had back on Palm Sunday, the United Methodist Men of Pisgah UMC were able to fund the entire event, paying for the transportation and all the supplies we used.

Volunteers came from many places, Laboratory UMC, Marvin UMC, Asbury UMC, and Pisgah UMC. On Friday some 20 volunteers rolled the big pallets of food in and got it ready to be loaded into boxes to be given away on Saturday. On Friday Laboratory UMC also brought food to be distributed. Other food we had to give away came from members of Pisgah UMC and some was gathered from the 2013 confirmation class members! (These people are awesome!)

Then on Saturday, we had 45 devoted souls who came to do the work of distributing the food to needy families. They directed traffic, bagged produce, took qualifying applications (USDA poverty guidelines were used), packed boxes, carried those heavy boxes, and loaded car trunks and back seats with food. They also took loads of food to qualified families who were unable to make it to the drop themselves.

 All day long we were blessed by our work together. I really saw God’s kingdom in action in a mighty way! There was laughter, tears, hugs, prayers, silliness, fun and a generosity of Spirit that energized us like the wind of the Holy Spirit energized the disciples at Pentecost.

My prayers were answered! We had no accidents. (Maybe a few sore backs on Sunday morning.) We had awesome volunteers/disciples to do the hard work. We were able to give away all the food. We were finished and had everything cleaned up by noon. Most importantly, we caught sight of the Kingdom of God in one another!

I am so thankful to be in ministry at Pisgah UMC, a church of Jesus’ disciples who are eager to respond to any need they know of, who step up to give love, to minister, to pray, to worship and try new things, and even to reach into their pockets to be a blessing to our community. God’s people at Pisgah are a blessing to me! Wow!

On Sunday morning we celebrated our blessings with reading again the story of Jesus when he fed the 5000 (Mark 6: 35-44). Jesus was able to see a need and address it immediately. Today to address a need, Jesus works it out differently.

Today, Jesus takes the body of believers, brings them together in one accord, and then he orchestrates the feeding of the multitude through each of us…the members of his body.  Saturday, we could have been on a hillside in Judea instead of being at Pisgah UMC, because we witnessed Jesus do the same work he did there. With the 5 loaves and 2 fish ($300), we fed 111 families for at least a day…probably 2 or 3 days more. Not 5000 perhaps, but it’s a start.

We are doing another Food Drop in October! (More about that later.) I just want to say how thankful I am to God for  the vision of the Kingdom of God the strong -hearted people of the UMC gave me Saturday!
One word...WHOOWHO!

Some pictures below and....a video at if you care to see it. 



Traffic Handler. So serious.

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