Monday, March 11, 2013

Wilderness Journey, Day 22

Toby Joe
September 10, 1999 - March 4, 2013

My “Tobeman,” “Bubbie,” “PunkinDunkin,” was born the year I finished my cancer treatments. I’ve always called him my healing prayer because I believe God sent him into our lives for us to love, care for, and be good too. (That is as healing as prayer.)

One autumn evening back in October 1999, we had just gone to the kennel…um…just to “look” at the nine boxer pups being offered for sale from the local breeder in Drexel. Ed was reluctant to go, because he knew that my heart had been grieving from a multitude of losses we had had over the last two years, including our first boxer, “Boxx” who lived for six years. He also knows how much I love a boxer puppy!

So of course, once we saw the nine beautiful puppies, and we spied the larger-than-average boy, who was shy and serious, it was over. Really, it was Ed who chose him from out of all the wiggly, rowdy, boxer pups, saying, “I like that one.” Toby really never changed. He was always shy and serious, but also the sweetest dog I’ve ever known.

Last week, we had to give him up. The once fatty tumor under the skin on his side turned, seemingly overnight, into a huge hard cancer mass that was taking him over, weighing him down, growing rapidly, breaking through his skin and making him very uncomfortable. The vet gave no hope and only more pain and suffering in his future. It was the day we had been dreading…as all pet owners do; the day you have to say goodbye.

This past week has been hard for both Ed and me, because it is difficult to give up a companion who always loves you unconditionally. But, I’ve been able to feel better each time I got sad by being thankful that God gave us nearly 14 years with our good boy. With the average life span of 11 years, that is an extra long life for a boxer. The vet told Ed that Toby was the longest living boxer he had ever known.
We miss our great companion, fussy eater, and scardy cat dog who loved to chase squirrels, spoon with you in the bed, and go riding to any place you went. 


Unknown said...

I miss him too. It isn't the same at your house without him...He was a very special boy. I hope we see him in Heaven.

Unknown said...

P.S. Like the new shabbyblog!! Looks good!

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