Friday, February 15, 2013

Wilderness Journey, Day 19

Zennias by my window.
During Lent 2012, I attempted to write a Lenten poem everyday. I failed, succeeding on only 18 occasions with a bloggable (which is questionable) poem. This year I am attempting once again to at least get to my goal of 40. We'll see how I do. 

The beauty of Lent to me is that I have an intentional time of trying to do better, of trying to focus on Jesus instead of me, of trying to look inwardly, of trying to add more spiritual and Godly elements to my that I can be better.

The love and forgiveness of God is always before me during Lent because I fail at doing better so often and so thoroughly. In my failures I realize my true need for my savior. It is in him I live and because of him that I even have a life to try to better with.

The poem with the question...what is your mountain?

That Mountain
How can I miss that mountain,
when before me daily it stands?
How can I slide by unseeing,
looking past its power
its height, its weight, its force, its place?
How can I shield my face?

©2013 Judy H. Eurey


Amanda said...

The mountain goes unnoticed as I carry on
The wind sweeps past it like a quiet song
The birds fly high, up, up, up above the peak
Where God rests, waiting for me to speak
Still I do not see Him...

Anonymous said...

My mountain is trusting after dark valleys of pain......loving unconditionally when I am rejected. In my weakness I need to feel God's strength in order to accomplish this task.Perhaps Lent will be a time for me to not dwell so much on my needs and hurt.Instead I will try to focus on becoming more like my Father. (LOVE THE SMILEY FACE VASE) teri

Rev. Dr. Judy Hilton Eurey said...

That smiley face cup was my husband's from childhood.