Saturday, January 26, 2013

Waiting for it to thaw...

              I got up this morning to a beautiful thin glace of light-reflecting ice covering the world outside my window. Before venturing out for my Saturday morning errands, I was required to take time to wait…wait for it to thaw.

              In my life as a minister, at times that is where I stand. I stand waiting for people to thaw, to warm up, to take notice of the heat and fire of the Holy Spirit that is a burning ember within them. The waiting is very hard, like waiting for a diaper-baby to take its first toddling steps.

              Since I had to wait, I found myself standing by the window looking out on the frozen lawn, and there I saw a flash of bright red cardinal, then the brilliant blue of a fat jay, then the rust colored belly of a beak-bobbing robin. Along the gray tree trunk of a side-frozen oak tree, an ebony and white dappled woodpecker hooked his red-head up and down as he trailed towards the top branches searching for breakfast. My feathered friends reminded me.

              There is great beauty in the world, and it is easier to see when you are waiting. That is if you  are willing to take the time to look for it. In God’s time the thaw will come. God’s people will burn hot. The embers of God’s Holy Spirit do not burn from fuel that will burn away, but that fire burns from the fuel of God’s love of which there is no end.

              Lord, as I wait for the thaw…let me see the beauty. Help me wait with patience.

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